Maui Brewing Co.’s Flyin’ HI.P.Way

Maui Brewing Co.’s Flyin’ HI.P.Way pours up very nicely. Maui Brewing brews all of their beers in Maui as the name implies. Other than Hawaii, they distribute to California and Colorado.

The appearance is clear with a light to medium copper color.

The full details of the aroma are lost in my stopped up nose. But, the hops aroma does come through. The initial hops aroma was very strong right after the pour.

The taste is filled with a rich hops profile that finishes with a little tanginess on the tongue. The malt flavors are hiding in the background, but they popup a little here and there throughout the taste.

Overall, Flyin’ HI.P.Way is a very enjoyable I.P.A. With an ABV of 6.8%. I could see making this a regular beer, but the limited distribution will prevent that from happening unless some very special ladies send more my way.

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