Good People Hitchhiker

Good People HitchhikerGood People Hitchhiker is an American IPA that pours up nicely with a rich head that leave lots of lacing. The color is a light copper and very clear.

The aroma is very mild, but the humidity is very high and that could be affecting the aroma.

The taste starts with a malty hop flavor that turns toward the hoppy side in the finish.

Overall, this is very enjoyable addition to the Good People IPA lineup. The ABV of 7.4% is sitting right between their IPA and Snake Handler (Double IPA).

2 thoughts on “Good People Hitchhiker

  1. Tastes VERY much like Snake Handler, but with far less kick. So what ever happened to Snake Handler, anyway? As a patron, I feel totally manipulated, abused, and ripped off by the sellers of SH keg beer (yes, Cowboys on 280 – I mean you)…

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