Good People Hitchhiker

Good People HitchhikerGood People Hitchhiker is an American IPA that pours up nicely with a rich head that leave lots of lacing. The color is a light copper and very clear.

The aroma is very mild, but the humidity is very high and that could be affecting the aroma.

The taste starts with a malty hop flavor that turns toward the hoppy side in the finish.

Overall, this is very enjoyable addition to the Good People IPA lineup. The ABV of 7.4% is sitting right between their IPA and Snake Handler (Double IPA).

Founders Devil Dancer

Founders Devil Dancer is a triple IPA. It poured up nicely with a rich copper color and minimal head.

The aroma shows the presence of the high alcohol right away. The hops bouquet is nice but not too floral as was expected.

The taste of this beer is driven by the big characteristics of it with a high alcohol, big hop profile, the bold malt flavor, and heavier body. Finish presents with the heat of the alcohol. There’s a nice sweetness throughout the whole beer’s flavor. But the hops, they hold on throughout the taste, but they’re not over-the-top.

The mouth feel is driven by the strong malt backbone giving it a deep thick body, that is for I PA. The high ABV creates an interesting character in the mouth feel especially in the finish.

Overall, Devil Dancer is a very impressive beer. The 12% ABV makes this beer something to be enjoyed gradually so that you fully appreciate all the characteristics from the beginning to the end. I appreciate that there’s quite a few more of these waiting in the refrigerator.

Left Hand Brewing’s 400 Pound Monkey

Left Hand Brewing’s 400 Pound Monkey has a small amount of haze in the deep gold to a light copper color. The head fades with a good bit of lacing left behind.

The aroma is very mellow for what was expected. Hops characteristics present nicely with slight pine flavor. No wheat is detected in the aroma, but I’m not sure how much is in the beer to contribute to the aroma.

The flavor starts out with a mild bitterness with a small amount of sweetness. The finish holds on for just a bit with a kick of more bitterness. The flavors fade fast in the mouth and leave behind a slight bitter after taste.

The mouth feel of Left Hand Brewing’s 400 Pound Monkey is heavy for what the appearance would lead you to expect.

Overall, this an enjoyable beer with a interesting mix of characteristics. The finish leaving behind a bitter after taste leans this beer to not be a session beer, but it would be great with a mix of other beers.

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA is a seasonal. It pours up with a nice head that fades slowly with nice lacing. The color is a light copper color that is very clear. The carbonation is rising up nicely in it.

The aroma is rich with rye and hops. For comparison, the rye aroma is much stronger than Terrapin’s Rye Pale Ale.

The rye presents boldly at the beginning of the taste. The rye adds a different dimension that the traditional IPA profile wouldn’t have by itself. A fan of hoppy beer is likely to enjoy this new dimension.

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA has a medium body that compliments the flavors of the rye.

The rich flavors of this beer makes it very enjoyable, but the flavors don’t overwhelm. It would make for a good session beer with the 6.6% ABV. I will be looking forward to this seasonal coming around again.

Magic Hat Brewing’s HI.P.A

Maqic Hat Brewing’s HI.P.A is a part of the I.P.A. On Tour series. This beer was a part of the “Night of the Livingdead” variety 12 pak. The bottle was missing the freshness date.

The appearance is nice with a little bit of haziness and a light golden amber color.

The hops presents nicely in the aroma with some malts in the background.

The flavor is very untypical for an I.P.A. There is lime taste in the finish, which is not too strong. I wouldn’t say that it is a full flavor I.P.A..

The beer overall is enjoyable, but I wouldn’t want a six pack of it. The ABV is not too high at 6.7%, which will let you enjoy a number of them before the ABV becomes a problem.

Victory HopDevil Ale

Victory HopDevil Ale pours up with a nice head that slowly fades with nice lacing to a minimal head that holds on for awhile.

The aroma is strong with hops while beer is being poured up. The aroma fades to a mellower version of the initial bouquet, but still very hoppy.

The appearance is very nice and clear with a SRM value between 12 and 15.

The taste starts with the bite of the hops with a light maltiness behind it. The hops builds through the finish.

Overall, it is an enjoyable beer, but I think I would have liked it colder. The beer’s flavor was likely affect by being warmed when the refrigerator lost power. The 6.7% ABV makes this beer every drinkable as a session beer, but the strong hops profile could push some away.