Magic Hat Brewing’s HI.P.A

Maqic Hat Brewing’s HI.P.A is a part of the I.P.A. On Tour series. This beer was a part of the “Night of the Livingdead” variety 12 pak. The bottle was missing the freshness date.

The appearance is nice with a little bit of haziness and a light golden amber color.

The hops presents nicely in the aroma with some malts in the background.

The flavor is very untypical for an I.P.A. There is lime taste in the finish, which is not too strong. I wouldn’t say that it is a full flavor I.P.A..

The beer overall is enjoyable, but I wouldn’t want a six pack of it. The ABV is not too high at 6.7%, which will let you enjoy a number of them before the ABV becomes a problem.

Magic Hat Brewing’s Demo I.P.A. On Tour

Magic Hat Brewing’s Demo I.P.A. On Tour is a very interesting.

It pours up with full head that fades slowly to minimal head with a nice lacing. The color is a very deep reddish brown.

The aroma is rich in dark malts and hops, which gives this IPA a boldness that is very enjoyable.

The tastes of hops and malt flavors are ever present on the tongue right at the beginning. The malt is deep giving signs of a complex set of malts being used. The finish is a very enjoyable blend of hops and malt.

The 6% ABV makes this beer very nice to enjoy with friends especially being a part of a sampler.

Magic Hat Brewing’s Circus Boy

Magic Hat Brewing’s Circus Boy is an unfiltered hefeweizen. It pours up cloudy as expected with a deep golden straw color.

The aroma is minimal, but the typical hefeweizen aromas are present just toned down a great deal.

The tastes starts with a light sweetness that fades to a mild Hefeweizen taste profile.

I enjoyed this as a mellow version of a Hefeweizen. But, it would not be the first Hefeweizen to grab.

Magic Hat Brewing Company’s #9

Magic Hat Brewing Company’s #9 is very interesting. I detect fruity tones, which you would not expect in a Pale Ale. But, the nose is fruity with a little hop aroma.

It pours up with little to no head off from the draft taps at this location.

The fruitiness is present in the taste, too. There is a mellow malt flavor that is playing host to the fruit and hop flavors.

I think this is one of my favorite beers. The fruity tones are what makes this beer for me. It would be a great session beer with the 5.1% ABV an the limited flavor and aroma range.