Victory HopDevil Ale

Victory HopDevil Ale pours up with a nice head that slowly fades with nice lacing to a minimal head that holds on for awhile.

The aroma is strong with hops while beer is being poured up. The aroma fades to a mellower version of the initial bouquet, but still very hoppy.

The appearance is very nice and clear with a SRM value between 12 and 15.

The taste starts with the bite of the hops with a light maltiness behind it. The hops builds through the finish.

Overall, it is an enjoyable beer, but I think I would have liked it colder. The beer’s flavor was likely affect by being warmed when the refrigerator lost power. The 6.7% ABV makes this beer every drinkable as a session beer, but the strong hops profile could push some away.

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