Yellowhammer Brewing

Yellowhammer Brewing’s IPA pours up with minimal head here at Huntsville’s Mellow Mushroom. Citrus flavors are very present in the initial tastes of the beer. I would say it is bias to grapefruit. In the finish, a little bit of the malt shows through in the flavors. The color is likely somewhere between 11 and 14 on the SRM scale.

Yellowhammer Brewery’s Miracle Worker Tripel pours up with a nice head as the photo shows that fades to small head that holds on for a while. The Delirium tremens glass takes away from the experience, but what can you say to a bar back at a Mellow Mushroom. The yeast presents very well in the nose and continues into the taste in an enjoyable way. The mouth feel starts crisp fading into a sweetness that coats the whole mouth. The tastes are a mixture of sweetness and floral yeast flavors. The color is between 3 and 6 on the SRM.

Yellowhammer Brewery’s UberAlt pours with little head and fades to no lacing and minimal bubbles around edge of the glass. The color is in the 28 to 30 SRM scale. The initial taste is a deep sweet malt flavor that has hints of coffee and dark malts.

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