The Beer Cooler

Well, it seems like we are moving into a new phase. The phase without a beer cooler. It looks like we have someone wanting to purchase our beer cooler.

Many years ago, I had the chance to go to an auction for a Sizzler restaurant's equipment. I was able to pickup a 13 foot wood lament beer cooler with two brass towers with three taps on each. I got the cooler for either $225 or $250. You can see more about it here.

I got married and quickly determined the beer cooler has not coming into the married. It stayed at my old house which my wife and I have been renting since we married. We have put the rental house up for sell and we have been looking for a new home for the beer cooler.

I brew beer and this was a great way to server the beer. I frequently had microbrews available, too. Many guys were over joyed when coming upon the sight of the beer cooler in my garage. My garage was not the typical garage, because it was carpeted and included an old couch, a pinball machine, a dart board, and of course the beer cooler.

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