Judge Baldwin's Brewing Company

I am sitting in Judge Baldwin's drinking their Baby Buddha Dopplebock. I have already finished a Raspberry Wheat.

Judge Baldwin's serves every beer with a straw holding a pretzel. I enjoy this, but you may not.

The Raspberry Wheat has a nice fruity raspberry bouquet and a light taste of raspberry in the finish. The beer is served with a slice of lime which can be added or not. I like it both ways.

Side Bar: Judge Baldwin's presently has a great happy hour special which has all of their brews and appetizers at two bucks. You can't beat that can you!

On to the next beer:
The Baby Buddha Dopplebock is a little sweet with light mouth feel. The beer was licorice high lights. I don't think I have ever found a bad dopplebock.

Time to settle up and head over to Jack Quinn's to listen to John Wise's group Tribe.

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