"Dos Cocoas" Chocolate Porter

The Nook had their release event for Terrapin Beer Co.’s “Dos Cocoas” Chocolate Porter.

It was great! It had a very balanced flavor. Everyone was impressed.

Here is how Terrapin describes it:

“The “Dos Cocoas” is a traditional Porter with a chocolaty experimental twist. “Spike” incorporated two types of chocolate at two different stages of production to achieve the balanced chocolate flavors in the “Dos Cocoas”. The first addition was 60 pounds of cocoa powder added in the whirlpool. Next, the porter was aged for one month on a 60 pound bed of cocoa nibs to really bring the dark chocolate flavors home. The result is a fine chocolate aroma, a unique bitterness and a tantalizingly balanced chocolate flavor from both the cocoa powder and the nibs.”

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