Great Divide Brewing’s Titan IPA

Great Divide Brewing’s Titan IPA starts with the aroma as all IPA’s do. The aroma is a strong citrus with a bias towards a mild grapefruit. The brewer indicates a piney aroma, but this bottle had very little that I detected, but I did just stir the fire before tasting this beer (not that I burn pine mind you).

The color is a dark golden wheat with a little haze. I would say a 12 to 14 on the SRM scale.

The taste has a very mild sweetness at the start followed by a quick crispness of hops. The finish has the sweetness reappear mixed with the fullness of these hop flavors.

The brewer suggests pairing the beer with halibut, which I agree that this beer would very good with fish.

I find this beer very enjoyable and I don’t find the hops to too over bearing.

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