Williamsburg Alewerks’ Coffeehouse Stout

Williamsburg Alewerks’ Coffeehouse Stout pours up with head that fades quickly to a simple trim of bubbles around the edges.

The aroma gives you a reason to understand why this beer is call Coffeehouse. The coffee tones are mellow like an expresso from a deep French roasted bean. There is a little bit of chocolate malt in the aroma, too. You can almost miss it, but it is there.

The taste is crisp, but it is not from the carbonation. The body and temperature are contributing to the crispness in the mouth. The flavors flow all over the mouth due to the body of this beer. There is medium body, but it doesn’t get in the way. The coffee mocha flavors are what this beer is all about if you had briefly describe it.

This is a very enjoyable beer. With the low ABV of 5.4%, this beer could almost be a session beer, but you would have to be a fan of Stouts and American Brown Ales. So, this is a session beer for me.

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