Phantom Canyon Brewing Co’s Cascade Amber Ale

Phantom Canyon Brewing Co’s Cascade Amber Ale pours up with minimal head. But, it presents very nicely.

The head fades with very good lacing. The color is a deep amber that is light amber color around the edges of the glass.

The aroma is strong initially, but faded to a mellower malty hop blend as the glass sat.

The taste starts with hops right at the front of the mouth. The malt flavors come in behind to give a malt flavor filled with hops. The flavors finish with a strong hops flavor coming from the Cascade hops thus the name.

Overall, this is very enjoyable beer from this microbrewery. You need to be a fan of hops for this beer to a peal to you. I would not consider this beer as session beer with it’s strong taste profile. But, it is still very enjoyable.

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