Phantom Canyon Brewing’s Zebulon’s Peated Porter (cask style)

Zebulon pours up nicely with a rich head that slowly fades while holding on to the glass all the way to the finish. The color is a deep brown with hints of tan hiding in there. The head shows the tan colors well with it being a dark sandy color.

The aroma is first of a dark chocolate malt and hint of bitterness or peat in the aroma. It makes you expect a drier beer before the taste even arrives.

The taste starts off with a welcome to your pallet due to cellar temperature. Chocolate malt flavors are there right away with the mild bitterness. Chocolate tones turn to bitter cocoa in the finish. While, the warming of the beer brings out the bitterness. The flavor doesn’t want to leave the mouth long after the sip.

The mouthfeel of Zebulon is heavy on pallet with a take over the taste buds kind of attitude.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable beer. The full body and the rich flavors make this a great beer for enjoying in Colorado Springs’ typical winter weather. The 6.1% ABV won’t slow you down, but a session beer this is not due to the other characteristics. If Phantom Canyon had a fireplace, Zebulon’s Peated Porter would be the beer of choice to drink while setting in front of it. I would suggest the Colorado Lamb Sirloin or the Center Cut Ribeye to complement its flavor.

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