Celebration Beer

Celebration BeerWe are celebrating the Alabama beer law changing to allow beer with up to 13.9% ABV. Jim Trolinger brought a great beer (Noël Baladin) to drink tonight at The Nook.

Beverly is holding the beer and announcing the great thing that Jim had done. Jim was very nice to offer this beer to everyone to try. It is representative of the kind of beer this law will allow. Almost everyone in The Nook got a sample of the beer. You could tell that Jim was proud.

Thanks Jim!

HB373 Signed by Governor Riley

HB373 Signed by Governor RileyMy dad was interviewed tonight at The Nook about Free The Hops’ bill being signed. Everyone had a great time having WHNT 19 in the house. I know my dad has enjoyed the attention.

The story was the lead in story during the 10 o’clock news and on the morning newscast, too. The story tried to present multiple viewpoints, but some of the other viewpoint were not educated on the issues.

If you saw the story, I was the guy in the Hawaiian shirt walking throughout the video.